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In this article we will look at two solid techniques for handling smoothly what otherwise might be a troublesome issue: inconsistent employment history on your resume.

Your resume is important. It is the absolute first impression that a prospective boss has of you as a professional and as a person. It must represent you well Stephen Vogt Jersey , clearly express your skills, talents and experience, your training and education, and your professional and career goals. It would be ideal, of course, to have a neat list of consecutive positions in one industry, each a little more advanced and responsible than the last, to present in your employment history. But life聮s not neat. We have all hit a detour of one kind or another somewhere along the way. Whether it be a matter of personal health issues Joe Panik Jersey , raising a family, changing careers, or coming out of the military or out of retirement, you must address with your prospective employer the resulting gaps in your employment history right off the bat. You will not get the call for an interview if you do not adequately explain what might appear to be critical inconsistencies on your resume.

When you do explain your circumstances, it will not do at all to be vague. Addressing specific dates and periods of time, down to months and years, that it appears you were not minding your career. Outline the circumstances surrounding inconsistencies, periods of non-employment Evan Longoria Jersey , interruption of schooling, or putting your career on hold to resume your education, in simple, factual, non-dramatic terms. This approach will indicate that you are forthcoming with all the information your prospective boss will need to make a fair decision about you, and that you are a professional, and not prone to treating life like a soap opera.

There are two basic ways for you to immediately clear up inconsistencies for your prospective employer: the cover letter, and the style of your resume.

Cover letters are a tradition Brandon Belt Jersey , which some experts say is fading in the modern climate of instant, online communications. But there are many other experts who contend that, as a technique for 聭filling in the blanks?that a resume leaves in the minds of hiring authorities, the cover letter will never be equaled. The resume, your single most powerful job search, or marketing, tool, is by nature very dry and impersonal. Which makes sense Kevin Pillar Jersey , as you are expected to present the sum total of your professional career in no more that a couple of sheets of paper. The cover letter, on the other hand, gives you a chance to present a more personal impression to the hiring agent. Here is the chance to broadly outline your major qualifications, the focus of your career, your availability for and interest in the position they are offering, and the opportunity to intelligently respond to issues raised by gaps in your resume. Even more than a resume, your cover letter is your first line of communication with someone that you want to work for.

An important point to bear in mind: when you present yourself in a cover letter, you should avoid raising issues in the employers?minds. The whole purpose of the document is to lay issues to rest. Avoid making excuses Barry Bonds Jersey , or criticizing former or present employers, as these practices will only lead to the impression that discord and dissatisfaction follow you wherever you go. Employers Concentrate instead on closing the gaps in your resume with clean, truthful explanations of fact and circumstance. If, for example, you have recently completed a degree or key certification in your career field, and that is the reason that you have a current gap in your work history, offer the positive information that you have added important knowledge and skills to your professional arsenal, mentioning in passing that this is the reason for the gap in your resume.

Your cover letter should contain only positive statements. In spite of gaps or inconsistencies Willie Mays Jersey , you want to stress the solid and valuable experience that you have in your field, and demonstrate that you have done your research by presenting attributes of the company you are applying to, and explaining why you have the desire to work for them.

The appropriate resume format for those who have gaps in their work history is called tunctional Format,?which has a distinct number of differences from the traditional erse Chronological Format.?At the top of the resume, for instance, the functional format calls for a ummary of Qualifications,?which is a single paragraph, some six to eight lines Throwback San Francisco Giants Jerseys , that gives a basic outline of your skills and expertise. This is normally followed by a section calles of Strength,?which is a list of keywords and phrases, for use in a personnel database, that highlights specific skills by category. For example, if you have experience in Graphic Design, Office Management, and Automotive Mechanics, these three phrases would be used as headings Custom San Francisco Giants Jerseys , with three or four bullet items below each one, indicating specific facets of the heading over which you have achieved some mastery.

Then, instead of listing your work history in reverse chronological format, which is the traditional resume format, you may list your positions grouped according to industry or specialty, much the same as your section entitled 聭Areas of Strength.?Remember to include your dates of employment as well, as omitting them raises unwanted issues in the employer聮s mind.

If you have long periods on non-employment reflected in your resume, w

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