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Observe all that's going on around you. Notice how your co-workers are responding, help them to remain calm and think long-term. Your job or position is NOT you, even though many of us can't turn loose of titles andthe perks we enjoy with the BIG daddy company in our life.

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You've got to be careful. One big word of caution .... don't sign ANY papersuntil YOUR legal counsel comes to your aid. Too many X-employees think their upstanding employer would never fail them. You can be sure the BIGboss at the top, making $18 million a year, is very concerned about YOU andyour welfare. Everyone laugh!!

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Some folks never recover from being terminated by an employer. It's an affrontto their well being; pride; devestating to the ego; embarrassing and more. You must rise above these reactions of self-pride and see a better future. One day you'll look back and wonder why you didn't leave the losers sooner.

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