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Defining Logistics

On the glossary page of Mookie Betts Authentic Jersey , logistics is defined as "the planning and execution of product distribution". When you purchase milk, bread or just about anything these days from your local store, the journey from producer to store will have been thoroughly planned and executed, unless, of course J. D. Martinez Authentic Jersey , your store happened to have a cow and a bread mill in the back yard.

Logistics is a word that has morphed from one definition to another, depending on the era and depending on the application. It can be applied to calculations (its original meaning) as well as to military planning. In fact, it has been used in a wide variety of settings. The word logistics has such a wide sweep, it is danger of having no meaning at all. In recent years it has been adopted by what used to be known as the distribution industry.

Distribution is a simple matter of throwing some goods into a truck, ship or aeroplane at point A and throwing them out point Blake Swihart Authentic Jersey , plus the little matter of getting from A to B. Logistics is a word that encompasses distribution, but also takes into account the fact that the vehicle needs to be ready for service, the driver (or captain) must also be available and with enough hours on his shift, the goods to be collected are ready, the journey has been planned Jackie Bradley Jr Authentic Jersey , including en route stops, the recipient is ready to receive the there are many more parts of the logistics jigsaw. The word logistics fits the bill very well. All those definitions it has collected over the years are perfectly appropriate to the multitude of tasks that are performed and the multi-task attributes of its performers (some say "logisticians") that all come under the banner of logistics.

The Need to Move Goods Backwards

Industrialized economies have honed their logistics skills to the point where vast quantities of goods can be efficiently moved from many locations to many more locations, via many stop-off points, all tracked and counted. Like a well-oiled machine. A well oiled machine with no reverse gear, that is. The greasy spanner in the works of this machine is the need to move things from B to A. Many logistics set ups are great at forward movements but are lousy at reverse movements Dustin Pedroia Authentic Jersey , or reverse logistics as it is commonly known. It could be argued that the more sophisticated the forward logistics is, the more clumsy is the reverse logistics.

There are many reasons for this. One chief reason is that paperless systems have been built into forward logistics where products are scanned as they pass a threshold. Trouble is, some systems are not programmed to accept products scanned in reverse. As reverse transactions have historically been rare (the odd returned consignment, perhaps), old fashioned pen and paper has been used to record them. Another reason is that once a vehicle has unloaded David Price Authentic Jersey , it may not return to its base. Sending a box back is not a simple matter of running the system in reverse. In a simple one-to-one distribution system, this would be entirely possible. The vehicle departs A, arrives at B, unloads and loads the return box for the return journey to A. Increasingly, this simple transaction is not appropriate in modern day logistics. In a one-to-many system the vehicle may end up at the wrong end of the country (or world). In another common scenario the vehicle may go on to collect another load and need to leave the last port of call empty.

Why there is a Growth in Reverse Logistics

Most organisations can handle a gentle trickle of paperwork and can fit a few returned boxes on a passing vehicle Xander Bogaerts Authentic Jersey , so what is the problem? Well, the problem is that traffic in goods travelling backwards through the supply chain is no longer confined to a few unwanted returns. The following list represents the new pressures to send goods backwards:

- Goods destined for recycling
- Reusable packaging
- Goods being disposed of

I'll take these areas in turn:

Goods Being Recycled:
There is global pressure on us all to improve on our efforts to recycle goods. This pressure is uneven, with a burden placed on business (and local authorities) that is out of proportion to the burden placed on individuals. Whether this is right or wrong it is, in most countries nowadays, this is the reality that must be faced. More and more vehicles are taking goods back in order for those goods to be fully or partially recycled. This increase is likely to accelerate globally over the next few years.

Reusable Packaging:
Environmental needs have also resulted in a requirement to reuse packaging much more than we have done in the past. Old fashioned fibreboard boxes that get dumped after one journey are no longer acceptable in an increasing amount of companies. This is not just an environmental imperative David Ortiz Authentic Jersey , with the legal and moral pressures to comply, it is also an economical necessity: very often reusing packaging saves money.

In some countries there are new laws - or will soon be - that compel companies to take back certain goods when customers wishes to dispose of them. These may be electrical items or products containing hazardous, or potentially hazardous, material.

Using Third Parties as a Stop-Gap All in all, the reverse logistics channels will become busier and old ways of doing things will need to be revised. For now Jim Rice Authentic Jersey , some large companies with slick but complex forward logistics systems are ducking the issue altogether and employing third parties to deal with returns. This way they can continue as if nothing has changed, not having to worry about filling return journeys with these items. Using third parties is OK as a short term gap filler. It allows a breathing space and isolates the add on costs of reverse logistics. By doing things this way, companies can then set about integrating reverse logistics with their current forward logistics having learheath slater . Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Hockey Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NBA Hats Free Shipping Wholesale Shirts Wholesale Shirts Wholesale Hoodies Wholesale NFL Hoodies Wholesale NBA Hats
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