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"If Something Should Ever Happen To Me?" Family Articles | April 24, 2002
"If ... Should Ever Happen To Me?By: Janet L. Hall? I?m afraid my family won?t know who to call?or where anything is!"The ... of ... chaos, and ... hit home for many of

"If Something Should Ever Happen To Me?
By: Janet L. Hall

? I?m afraid my family won?t know who to call?or where
anything is!"

The realization of destruction Cheap Colts Jerseys , chaos, and uncertainty hit
home for many of us on Sept. 11, 2001. My inbox started
filling up with inquiries and statements of, "I don't know
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my important stuff. Can you help me?" "If a catastrophe
should strike my work or home it would take me months to
replace licenses, and birth certificates," and "My husband
handles all the paperwork at home. I don't have the foggiest
idea who to call or where anything is."

I think you'll agree usually one person in the home or office
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But if something should happen to that person, be it illness,
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