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Many of today's new ventures Teuvo Teravainen Hurricanes Jersey , particularly Internet startups with their enormous cash requirements, high risk, and high potential return, require approaching the venture capital marketplace. Venture capital investors are difficult to characterize, but we can discuss what venture capital firms generally look for when they analyze a company and its proposal for investment.

What Venture Capital Firms Look For

One way of explaining the different ways in which banks and venture capital firms evaluate a small business seeking funds, is expressed by LaRue Hosmer as: "Banks look at its immediate future Jaccob Slavin Hurricanes Jersey , but are most heavily influenced by its past. Venture capitalists look to its longer run future."

Venture capital firms and individuals are interested in many of the same factors that influence bankers in their analysis of loan applications from smaller companies. All financial people want to know the results and ratios of past operations, the amount and intended use of the needed funds, and the earnings and financial condition of future projections.

Banks are creditors. They look for assurance that the business service or product can provide steady sales and generate sufficient cash flow to repay a loan. Venture capital firms are owners. They hold stock in the company, investing only in firms they believe can rapidly increase sales and generate substantial profits.

Venture capital is a risky business, because it's difficult to judge the worth of early stage companies. So most venture capital firms set rigorous policies for venture proposal size, maturity of the seeking company Victor Rask Hurricanes Jersey , requirements and evaluation procedures to reduce risks, since their investments are unprotected in the event of failure.

Size of the Venture Proposal

Few venture capital firms are interested in investment projects of less than $1,000,000, and this threshold is even higher for the major firms. Projects requiring less are of limited interest because of the high cost of investigation and administration.

The typical VC firm will quickly reject on the order of 90% of the proposals received, because they don't fit the established geographical Scott Darling Hurricanes Jersey , technical, or market area policies of the firm, or because they have been poorly prepared. The remaining plans are investigated with care. These investigations are costly, and generally reduce the candidate pool even further.

Maturity of the Firm Making the Proposal.

Most venture capital firms' investment interest is limited to projects proposed by companies with some operating history, even though they may not yet have shown a profit. Companies that can expand into a new product line or a new market with additional funds are particularly interesting.

Companies that are just starting or that have serious financial difficulties may interest some venture capitalists, if the potential for significant gain over the long run can be identified and assessed. If the venture firm already has a large risk concentration Elias Lindholm Hurricanes Jersey , they may be reluctant to invest in these areas.

A small number of venture firms specialize in "start-up" financing. The small firm that has a well thought-out plan and can demonstrate that its management group has an outstanding record (even if it is with other companies) has a decided edge in acquiring this kind of seed capital.

Making Use of Your Multiple Personalities Self Help Articles | January 20, 2003
I'm a Gemini, the sign of the twins. We Gemini?s often get accused of being moody, fickle, and a little ... People claim, on any given day Brock McGinn Hurricanes Jersey , they don?t know which of the twins they will en

I'm a Gemini, the sign of the twins. We Gemini?s often get
accused of being moody, fickle, and a little unpredictable.
People claim, on any given day, they don?t know which of
the twins they will encounter.

But Gemini or not Sebastian Aho Hurricanes Jersey , everyone?s life, to some extent, is made
up of multiple characters. We all have several
personalities that show themselves depending on the

* At work we?re organized, thorough, and professional.

* Around our friends, we may be goofy Justin Williams Hurricanes Jersey , talkative, and

* Around strangers we find ourselves quiet, amiable, and

Each of these personalities serves us in some facet.

Some of you may think: "Oh no, I?m consistent. I?m
the same person around my friends that I am at work or at a
party." Really? Have any of these situations ever
happened to you:

1. You are at work, alone in your office Jordan Staal Hurricanes Jersey , talking to your
significant other on the phone. Your boss sticks her head
in the door. Does your tone suddenly change?

2. You are having lunch with a group of friends at the
mall. One of your former professors walks by. Do you
suddenly find yourself sitting a little straighter,
speaking a little more proper as you introduce him?

3. You are at the park with your family. You spot someone
from your networking group. Is the laid back family guy
suddenly replaced with Mr. Business?

Depending on the circumstances, we all have a different
face we put on to play a certain role.

Now imagine this: your personalities suddenly become real
life people. They can walk and talk, but they stay in
character ALL the time. For example, The Organizer from
work behaves the same way at home and around friends.

So what would happen, if you and all of your "real life"
personalities took a road trip? You?re stuck in the car for
10 hours really getting to know each other. What drives
each one? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What
could they learn from one another? What skills does The
Manager possess that could benefit The Wife? What
sensitivities does The Friend display that The Colleague
could mimic?

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